AEye & AutoVision News Partner for “Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022” Webcast

AEye and AutoVision News are teaming up for the “Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022” webcast series. The virtual experience features the latest news and exclusive interviews with the thought leaders currently working to validate and implement autonomous technology across different industries. Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022, hosted by AutoVision News editor Carl Anthony, will be broadcast across AEye’s social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. 

“We will be providing a live webcast on Wednesday, January 5th, and Thursday, January 6th,” Anthony explained. “We have a terrific lineup of guests who are respected authorities on the topics of automotive, trucking, smart cities, intelligent traffic systems, and more.”

Virtual Demonstrations

As part of the webcast, AEye will showcase its CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning 4Sight LiDAR, a solid-state and software-centric solution that adapts and optimizes scan patterns in real-time. The industry-first technology delivers fast, accurate, and reliable data to enable a wide range of dynamic sensing applications for automotive, industrial, mobility, rail, trucking, and ITS.

“By moving the complexity from the hardware to the software, we have created a LiDAR solution that is uniquely intelligent, using AI-driven software to ‘steer’ the LiDAR in real-time to what matters, for the delivery of fast, accurate, and reliable data,” said Brent Blanchard, SVP and General Manager of Mobility at AEye. “Our 4Sight LiDAR not only enables new, advanced sensing capabilities today, but it’s also able to evolve to meet our customers’ changing requirements and technology needs over time.”

Customers and partners can also request a private demo utilizing AEye’s unique high-performance web-based remote demo platform – Raptor. Raptor is built on Discord and allows participants to engage in a real-time interactive test drive with an AEye engineer from the comfort of their own home or office. The demo will showcase the capabilities of AEye’s 4Sight technology and how it can address a multitude of use cases. “AEye has harnessed a modular and cost-effective technology with 4Sight that has the potential to reduce traffic accidents and save lives,” Anthony added.

YouTube video

CES 2022: Virtual & In-Person

The Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022 webcast will air on Wednesday and Thursday, January 5th and 6th. Those looking to tune into the event can sign up to get notified before each broadcast begins.

Despite some companies pulling out of CES 2022, the in-person event is scheduled to continue with vaccine and masking mandates to ensure participants’ safety. CES 2022 begins on Wednesday, January 5th, and runs through Saturday, January 8th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“While we are very disappointed to not be in Las Vegas for CES 2022, we feel we have created a virtual event that will help us effectively connect and interact with everyone”, said Blair LaCorte, CEO of AEye. “Creating this virtual platform enables us to adhere to our commitment to the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees while encouraging active engagement and dynamic communications.”