OmniVision & Smart Eye Announce New End-to-End Interior Sensing Solution

Smart Eye AB and OmniVision Technologies, Inc. have announced a new interior sensing solution for automotive OEMs that enables full driver and cabin monitoring with videoconferencing applications from a single RGB-IR sensor. According to Smart Eye and OmniVision, this new interior sensing solution is the first integrated video processing chain, which combines innovative features based on the OmniVision OV2312 RGB-IR sensor, supporting exceptional day and nighttime performance.

“Through a combination of two industry-leading technologies, the solution enables complete in-cabin monitoring with innovative features that bring the next generation of automobiles to a higher level of autonomy,” reads a joint statement from Smart Eye and OmniVision.

Driver Monitoring & Action Detection

As part of this latest announcement, Smart Eye’s AI-based eye, mouth, and head tracking technology provides EuroNCAP performance linked with complete in-cabin and driver monitoring. This includes distraction, drowsiness, and incapacitated driver detection combined with driver identification and spoof-proof processing. The in-cabin monitoring system also provides occupancy detection for all seats, plus out-of-position, seat belt status, and forgotten baby detection. According to Smart Eye, its action detection technology understands occupant movements like hands on the steering wheel, interactions with a mobile device, and drinking and eating.

“Interior sensing AI is crucial for the automotive industry. Not only is this technology improving automotive safety – saving human lives around the world – it is also enabling automakers to provide differentiated mobility experiences that enhance wellness, comfort, and entertainment,” explained Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye. “By partnering with OmniVision, we are delivering on this vision: providing an end-to-end, highly advanced interior sensing system that meets the demands of automotive OEMs, at a price point that makes it viable for the mass market.”

“Empowered by our OmniPixel 3-GS pixel technology, the OV2312 is a 2.1MP, RGB-IR, global shutter image sensor that was designed specifically for interior applications, and it strikes a balance with MTF, NIR QE, and power consumption,” said Brian Pluckebaum, automotive product marketing manager at OmniVision. “We are proud to partner with Smart Eye to enable this accurate full interior sensing solution.”

Established History

OmniVision’s OV2312 sensor was at the heart of a similar announcement in 2020. In November, OmniVision, Ambarella, Inc., and Smart Eye announced a solution for dual-mode camera applications, namely driver monitoring and one-way video conferencing (the companies even provided a virtual demonstration during AutoSens Detroit). The driver monitoring and video conferencing camera solution utilized the OV2312 image sensor, with a dual-mode global shutter that captures both RGB color images and IR images under low-light conditions.

“Our OV2312 is the only automotive image sensor that offers the combination of dual-mode RGB-IR capture and a global shutter,” said Mario Heid, Vice President of OmniVision Europe at the time. “Without this combined functionality, the camera system designers would have to use two separate image sensors, which is too expensive for most vehicles.”

The OV2312 joins other well-known solutions in OmniVision’s product lineup, including the OX03C10 ASIL-C automotive image sensor, the OVM9284 CameraCubeChip module, and the recently-released OAX4000 automotive ISP.  

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