dSPACE & LeddarTech Partner to Enhance LiDAR Innovations for Self-Driving Cars

dSPACE and LeddarTech have entered into a partnership to jointly facilitate the development of new LiDAR technologies for autonomous driving. According to both companies, the partnership will enable dSPACE and LeddarTech to provide high-precision simulation models and interfaces for LiDAR sensors, allowing OEMs and suppliers to integrate their LiDAR innovations in a more streamlined fashion.

Accelerating Development

The cooperation will support new LeddarTech laser sensors in simulation at an early development stage. Moreover, dSPACE will provide simulation models for testing and validation and the sensor simulation environment for validating camera, LiDAR, and radar sensors throughout the development process to accelerate a given customer’s projects.

Sweet Spots & Corner Cases

The dSPACE simulation solution generates point clouds in real-time to simulate objects. The simulation models help determine the most effective positioning of the sensor on the vehicle (known as the “sweet spot”), as well as the sensor limits (also known as “corner cases”). According to the companies, LeddarTech will now be able to incorporate dSPACE’s sensor models into its own development projects.

“OTA simulation is a key innovation for LiDAR. Integrating LeddarTech’s lidar products and dSpace’s simulation software through a generic sensor interface enables each party to validate products and services to potential customers,” explained Michael Poulin, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development at LeddarTech. “Enabling the validation of environmental sensors material properties and weather condition is crucial in simulations. LeddarTech and dSpace will work together on (further) developing and modeling sensor-specific environmental effects, including rain, fog, and spray.”

“The right testing strategy, the right models and ready-to-use interfaces for simulation and reprocessing are key building blocks,” added Dr. Christopher Wiegand, Product Manager at dSPACE. “This partnership will enable our customers to accurately and quickly perform validation tasks for LiDAR applications. Without reliable simulations, automated driving systems (SAE Levels 3-5) cannot be achieved.”