Nissan Reaffirms Ambition 2030 Vision by Focusing On Sustainability

Japanese automaker Nissan has summarized its long-term Ambition 2030 Vision in its newly-published 2022 Sustainability Report. Nissan is reinforcing its commitment to a cleaner and safer future by focusing on sustainability to meet existing and future environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

“Our progress and achievements from the past year emphasize how sustainability is at the heart of our purpose-led growth strategy,” said Joji Tagawa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Nissan. “Nissan is determined to be a genuinely sustainable company, which is central to the trust placed in us by all stakeholders.”

Sustainable Initiatives

Nissan aims to achieve net carbon neutrality by releasing electrified or all-electric variants across its vehicle portfolio by early 2030. The carmaker is also looking to expand the electric vehicle ecosystem with 4R Energy, a joint venture with Sumitomo of Japan to study and develop advanced end-of-life solutions for EV batteries.

The Association of Resilience Japan awarded Nissan and 4R Energy the Best Resilience Award in 2020 in recognition of the company’s efforts in promoting electrification and utilizing EVs as emergency power sources in the aftermath of natural calamities. The two companies are repurposing discarded Nissan Leaf battery packs and turning them into stationary batteries with V2X, or Vehicle-to-Everything technology.

The repurposed batteries harness electricity from renewable sources (like solar power) and could supply electricity to business establishments or recharge other electric cars. Trial operations have commenced at selected 7-Eleven convenience stores in the Japanese Kanagawa Prefecture since 2020.

Race to Zero

Nissan is the first Japanese carmaker to become part of Race to Zero, a United Nations-backed global campaign to coax worldwide businesses, establishments, and countries to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The automaker plans to launch a sustainable finance framework by organizing fundraising efforts to develop more Earth-friendly products, technologies, and mobility services.

You can learn more about Nissan’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives by viewing or downloading its latest Sustainability Report 2022 at this link.