LeddarTech, First Sensor Partner for LiDAR Evaluation Kit

LeddarTech and First Sensor AG have formed a strategic collaboration around the development of a LiDAR Evaluation Kit. The announcement is part of a larger initiative by LeddarTech known as the Leddar Ecosystem, a connected group of suppliers that support the LeddarEngine, the company’s LiDAR platform. Suppliers within this ecosystem provide components like emitters, receivers, micromirrors […]

Cadillac Super Cruise 101: Understanding How & Where it Works

Cadillac Super Cruise debuted in 2017 for the CT6 and has received critical praise from publications like Autoblog and Popular Science. Described by Cadillac as a hands-free driving assistance feature for compatible highways, this guide is meant to clear up confusion about how and where the system works. Cadillac Super Cruise, when operated correctly, is […]

Aptiv & Hyundai Complete New Automated Driving Joint Venture

Aptiv and Hyundai Motor Group have completed the formation an autonomous driving joint venture, following an announcement to begin a formal partnership in September. Although the new company is unnamed at this time, it will be headquartered in Boston with technology centers across the United States and Asia. The joint venture’s goal is to make […]

Continental 3D Display to Free up Space; Will Debut in Genesis GV80

The Continental 3D Display is a new instrument cluster that produces 3D images for the driver, while also easing common manufacturing concerns. The company says the display reduces driver distraction, and is optimized for weight, space, and cost effectiveness. The new 3D display will debut in the forthcoming Genesis GV80, a three-row luxury SUV hitting […]

Continental Cooperation Portal Automates Software Integration for Connected Vehicles

Continental has launched a new online platform to streamline software development for future vehicles. Called the “Continental Cooperation Portal,” the platform cuts development time for manufacturers and suppliers by automating and standardizing software validation and integration for connected cars. “The importance of software for vehicles is rising at a rapid pace,” explained Michael Crane, vice […]